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  • in 2 months, 1 week, 2 days, 12 hours, 40 minutes, 14 seconds
  • Angels & Benefactors 2016

    Keith H. Los Angeles, CA
    Shafiq A. New York, NY
    Diego R. West Hollywood, CA
      Jason L. Los Angeles, CA 
    **Elliot N. Clearlake, CA
    Raya S. Takoma Park, MD
    **Patricia M. Clarkdale, AZ
    Anton K. Los Angeles, CA
      Burt H. Mason City, IA 
      George T. Kansas City, MO 
      Dan J. Los Angeles, CA 
      Josh B. Los Angeles, CA 
      Philip M. Los Angeles, CA 
    Danny P. San Francisco, CA
      Chris A. Los Angeles, CA 
    Brian B. Santa Monica, CA
      Derek G. San Francisco, CA 

      Guardian $1,000+
      Benefactor $500+
      Angel $100+
    **Friend of The Mudskippers

    XOXO & Kelly KiddMudskipper Founders

    Who We Are

    We are Burning Man theme camp placed in the heart of Black Rock City’s unofficial “gaybourhood” though we proudly include within our ranks members from every orientation! We’re known throughout the playa for our café that serves delicious fruit smoothies and for our infamous Crack Is Whack Whitney-Houston-themed dance party.  But that’s not all- we encourage you to strut your stuff in our Mooseknuckle–Cameltoe Fashion Show, dress up those playa-crusted hands at our Pretty Nails salon, or join in one of a dozen or so other activities and parties that we put on throughout the week! To learn more about our events and activities, click here.

    These gifts are made possible by the sweat and blood of about 50 Mudskippers- diverse burner boys and girls from many wonderful places such as LA, SF, NYC, Miami, Melbourne, and San Paulo! To learn more about our amazing campmates, click here. The official term “Mudskipper Café” has only been in use since 2009 but our camp has been around much longer under other names. Our founding members- Bart, Gabriel, and Graham- started burning in 1993 and over the years we camped under camp names such as “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” “Dead Princess Camp,” “Studio 54,” “Black Rock Gym & Beauty Bar,” and “Electric Tumbleweed.”  Around 2002, Avalon Village officially started as “Isle of Avalon” and included us (as Black Rock Gym) and other similarly minded theme camps such as AstroPups, Fairyland, and Celestial Bodies. In 2009, Avalon Village disbanded and each camp was empowered to register separately.  In line with this development and with 2009’s Burning Man theme of “Evolution” we called ourselves the MUDSKIPPERS, who- like the adorable amphibian taking its first steps onto land from water- took our first steps into being an entity in itself. If you wish to learn more about us and our history click here! If you are considering taking your first steps to join us, please click here!


    2017 Hosted Events

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