2005aTheme: Psyche: The Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious

Black Rock City Population: 35,567

Ticket Price: $145.00-$250.00

MUDSKIPPER HISTORY: The “Isle of Avalon” Tweaks its name to “Avalon Synapse Station” (ASS)

Theme Camps of Avalon:

Quixotes Cabaret
Uncharted Territories
Temple of Poi
Camp Stella


I am not sure when I first heard of Burning Man, but somewhere between 1995 and 1999 when I first heard of it, I just knew I HAD to go. I wanted to go and find myself, and I just knew by going I would find Me along the way at some point.

I remember my first glance driving up towards the city and starting to get a little weepy, feeling like I was home before I had even gotten there. Much to my surprise when the first words I heard at the Gate were “Welcome Home”.

2005cTo solidify these feeling of belonging, I was so awe inspired when our community shade structure was short about 6 poles and Psycho Bunny went out in about 15 minutes and came back with 6 replacement poles from neighboring camps. I could not believe the gratitude to be found on the Playa…What a community.

2005eThat first year I jumped right in and explored as much of the city as possible, I talked to GOD in a phone booth, rode the “Teeter Totter of Death”, Told some secrets, got clean at the “Human Carcass Car Wash”, went bowling, Jumped Rope, spanked a couple of guys at the “Dam Bar”, witnessed the life sized version of “Mouse Trap”, and made so many new friends.

At the time “The Deep End” was going strong and I was there as much as possible, eating Sno-Cones, and dancing, dancing, dancing.

2005dThe night of the burn I thought I would end up alone as I was separated from everyone during the festivities. Had some fun wandering around and ended up back at “Uncharted Territories” in Avalon. I was getting ready to go to bed when everyone came from all different directions, said they were back for a breather and if I wanted to go back out with them. Of course I said yes. We headed out to “Comfort & Joy” and wandered from Camp to Camp all night long. During this year, the Deep End was playing music all night long and that is where we ended up. I was on the couches with Rahul and having one of the most amazing talks as the Sun was coming up on the horizon.

This Sunrise was Magical, something I will never forget, there we were, this sun coming up, and this incredible music, music which I can still hear to this day but can’t name. The music was playing and again from all directions, my camp mates showed up one by one on the dance floor.

I have never felt so much love, emotion, comfort, happiness, and security as that one single moment. And as I have had many memorable moments on the Playa in the years since, there will always be a special place in my heart for that incredible night.

Other great photos from 2005