So we are off to a good start this year, here in a brief nutshell is what was discussed at the LA Meet-N-Greet.

  1.  I started by giving a brief history of the mudskippers
  2. Attendees:
    1. John Marasigan
    2. John K
    3. Raffi
    4. Travis (New to Skips)
    5. Taylor
    6. Brian (Boz)
    7. Crafty
    8. Pedram
    9. Rudy (Host and New to Skips)
    10. Michael (New to Skips)
    11. Dan (New to Skips)
  3. Pay your $150.00 Dues:  I am trying to get as many people to commit early to the skips so that we have a better handle of our budget and numbers this year rather than waiting for last minute like we did last year.  (if you don’t remember, last year we waited until we knew we were placed which was really late June before we started collecting dues)  The later we wait, the more stress it puts on us organizers as to how many people we will have and will we have enough people to pay for our budget.  So please pay your $150.00 ASAP (Truck Transport and Storage unit alone cost us around $3500.00=23 campers (And we might need a bigger unit this year)
  4. Kelly and I are going to turn in our Mudskipper Camp Questionnaire as early as possible, earliest date is March 4th.  This is our application for Camp placement and it is very important.
  5. A Few of us are taking a trip to RENO to clean out the Storage Unit May 18th-21st.  Let me know if any of you want to go and help us out!!! Also, if any of you have personal stuff in there, we need to know and you need to claim it or it will get thrown out.
  6. I am going to be actively recruiting members this year, I am going to try to recruit about 15-20 Newbies. Making our numbers around 50-60
  7. GoFundMe/KickStarter:  I am also running a fundraiser of sorts, will be up and running hopefully by first week in March, and for those of you that can, spread the word by posting the link wherever you can if you are able to do that. Even if we only make an extra $100,  hey it’s $100 we didn’t have.
  8. Early Arrival is being led my John M.  All early arrival passes, if we get them, are accounted for already, but we might be able to get a few more this year, will have to wait and see.   This team includes Dan E’s Truck crew below in #9
  9. Obtaining the Truck for Early arrival and taking the truck to the storage unit and loading it, doing the café shopping and hauling it all to the playa will be led by Dan Estabrook
  10. Café is being run by Adam Bolduc.
  11. John M & Elderberry will get the Nevada State Food Permit again this year
  12. Craft Lounge is being run by Crafty.
  13. Everyone will be required to not only pay $150.00 dues this year but will also be required to work at least 6 hours in the café OR in the craft lounge, or putting on an event of their own
  14. Kelly Kid is in charge of events
  15. Roger might do his Coffee Event again this year
  16. 3D might do his portraits (still have to talk to him about this)
  17. Mauricio is doing his Crack is Whack Party again!!!!!!!
  18. John M is attempting the failed chocolate attack from last year….again   lol
  19. Adam B is making sure we get in the events book this year
  20. Food Plan:  There is an optional food plan this year which will cost an additional $250.00 (the $150.00 dues do not cover this)   Although it is for the Mudskippers, it is its own entity (You do NOT have to pay your Dues and your Food Plan at the same time, but please pay the camp dues first if possible if you intend on doing the Food plan)
  21. John K (Elderberry) is running this, right now a tentative menu is up on the website
  22. We did a small version of the food plan last year, and it was found that having a communal meal was a really great way to unify the camp
  23. Mudskipper Playa Pot Luck will again be on Tuesday Evening this year
  24. Besides telling a lot of funny stories and laughing and giggling a lot, I think that covers it!!!!

Our Major goals this year are to have camp unity and have one fucking AMAZING TIME!!!!!

Luv ya ‘eaps I do