So, you have an RV. What can you expect at the Gate?

When you arrive at the Gate there are several things you should know:

  • Have all your tickets ready (just go to Will Call if you don’t, no you cannot wait in line for someone at Will Call – you will get shuttled to the Will Call Lot anyhow [no exceptions])
  • Have your vehicle pass affixed to your windshield in the appropriate location.
  • Follow the instrutions of the Gate Volunteers at both Apex and when you get to the Gate proper.
  • Put your RV into PARK when you stop at the Gate, there are people walking around. {Do you want to be responsible for sending a Gate Voluteer to the hospital in Reno and runing their burn? no, I thought not}
  • Gate Volunteers are going to ask to search your vehicle, if you say NO – you will not be allowed thought the gate.
  • Gate volunteers will not take off their boots when they come in to search – if that is a problem, bring a few sets of those paper shoe covers for the volunteers to wear when they are in your RV – something like:
    Shoe Covers
  • Make sure you have the key for every cuboard, door and nook in your RV – If you have to look for the key, you will get sent to D-Lot and your RV will probably come under extra scrutiny as a result.
  • If you are trying to smuggle someone in, all of your tickets will be voided and everyone sent back to Reno (no exceptions, no excuses – seriously – with LE backup if necessary)
  • Once your RV has been searched and your tickets have been torn – you can slowly (at the freaking speed limit) head to the Greeters Station. DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU GET TO GREETERS! (at minimum the Perimeter Voluteers will pay you a visit, worst case senario LE will get involved)

Simple requests, fairly straight forward rules, some common sense, and a dash of patience.

Gate volunteers are not trying to slow you down, or prevent you from getting into Burning Man. They have a job to do, rules they must follow. Please make it as easy as possible for everyone involved and you will have a great start to your burn.

This post originally appeared on Eplaya
Authored by: Rice