I wanted to give you guys a confidential heads-up about a ticket scammer we’ve been hearing about. Right now, we have not been able to find any open/pending cases or ticket scam convictions against him (fuck all the assholes who never file a police report), so legally we can not post his name or links to the various posts making allegations against him on the boards.

Name: Kristian Walters
Ripoff Report

This guy has a long, dirty history of not only scamming people for Burning Man tickets, but for Coachella and other events, and also apparently car parts and snowboard gear and who the fuck knows what else. What we do know is that he appears to operate out of Reno, Tahoe, and the SF Bay area.

This could be his FB page. Millbrae is just south of SF and that person has a number of Reno connections in their public profile

This Linkedin page also looks to be the same individual:

Some Reno-area gossip site has a post hating on him:

And this may or may not be the same guy in an awful mugshot sans glasses in Washoe county in January
Busted in Reno

The MO that we’ve been hearing about in 2015 is that he replies to Craig’s List ads looking for tickets with an offer to sell tickets over face value. Between the outrage factor of someone selling tickets above face and something about the deal sounding shifty, a number of people have reached out to the ticket team recently asking for ticket verification. Of course we can not provide that info, but the ticket team has been advising that it sounds like a scam and they advise not buying.

If you’re talking to any regular members via private message, feel free to warn them about the guy (and remind them that it can not be posted).