Angels & BenefactorsWe try to keep our camp fees as low as possible to be as inclusive as possible. Consequently, those mandatory fees do not cover all of the expenses for the camp infrastructure, activities, parties, storage and transportation and all of the other things we do to make the camp welcoming and fun for everyone, along with meeting the ever increasing demands to up participation so we can continue to be a placed theme camp. Please, if finances permit, consider becoming an Angel or Benefactor by clicking the below link. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution to The Mudskipper Camp; it will be used wisely.



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Some of the projects your donations will be funding:

Crack is Whack Party
There will be the fourth annual event this year, and because of how popular it has become, we will be making changes to the layout of the camp to accommodate the crowd.

The Cafe
This year we will be adding a stage and live entertainment in the cafe. Your donation will help with funding the new stage and additional equipment to make the event run smoothly.

Moose Knuckle, Camel Toe Fashion Show
Prizes and miscellaneous accoutrements.

More to come…