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Note: To complete your enrollment in the Mudskippers Burning Man theme camp, you must, after being notified of your acceptance, 1) pay the camp fee, and 2) attend one of the scheduled educational conference calls. Failure to complete these requirements will result in your expulsion from the camp and reimbursement of the camp fee, if applicable. (Both new and returning members are required to attend the conference call.)

There is a $20.00 fee to cover the cost of processing and fees when canceling or refunding your ticket purchase.

Camp dues for the Mudskipper Urban Decay Cafe for 2017 will be $350.00US (With Early Bird Coupon) when paid before March 31st, 2017

Water for drinking and showers is included with the camp fees this year. It is suggested you purchase a 5-gallon collapsible container such as these to fill and store in your tent, as the water pump does not work when the generator is not running at night.

There is an optional food plan that includes Breakfast and Dinner daily, plus lunch time snacks. (Menu to be announced soon.)

We try to keep our camp fees as low as possible to be as inclusive as possible. Consequently, those mandatory fees do not cover all of the expenses for the camp infrastructure, activities, parties, storage and transportation and all of the other things we do to make the camp welcoming and fun for everyone, along with meeting the ever increasing demands to up participation so we can continue to be a placed theme camp. Please, if finances permit, consider becoming an Angel or Benefactor by making a contribution along with your ticket purchase. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution to The Mudskipper Camp; it will be used wisely.

If you are a new prospective member that would like to join our camp, please go here and fill out the prospective member registration form  BEFORE PAYING YOUR CAMP FEE.

Thank you again, and welcome to the Mudskippers!

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Why do we require a fee to camp with us? This is answered best by Halcyon in the below video.