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We introduced the following features last year. They were so popular that we will be adding them again this year.

We will be putting aside three dinner servings for anyone that should happen to miss a meal. However, they are not reserved for any particular member and when those are gone they’re gone and your fall-back plan will be the snack menu. (Click on the TENTATIVE MENU link above to see the changes and additions to the available snacks for this year.)

Speaking of the Snack Menu, we will be going heavier on the MRE’s and
Microwaveable Meals (TV-dinners). Additionally, there will be lunch meat and bread and an assortment of breakfast cereals and milk. These changes were based on the surveys received from those of you that participated in the meal plan in 2015.

There will be a whiteboard outside the kitchen where you can post your name if you know you will have to miss a meal. If your name is on the list a meal will be set aside for you in the refrigerator with your name on it. This service is only available for Dinner and only for the first five people to list their names for that day. Please do not abuse this privilege.

Based on what we learned from our inaugural year we should have meals out promptly at 10:00 AM for breakfast and 7:30 PM for dinner. (Right at Sunset) Coffee will be ready at least an hour before breakfast.

NOTE: Cost of camp fee is NOT included in the meal plan.
Meal Plan participants are required to work one Kitchen shift. (Does not count towards camp volunteer requirement.)

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