Initial Budget 
 Root Beer Float Team $     500.00
 Community Transport $  1,600.00
 Decorations Team $     300.00
 Food/Bev Permits Licenses $       50.00
 Furniture Team $     615.00
 Showers Team $     400.00
 Kitchen Team $       60.00
 Total $ 3,525.00
 Collected to date  $   3,140.00
 Budget shortfall  $   385.00





 Mauricio Oliviera   $130.00
 Duke & Bird   confidential
 Bryan & Tom   Dome & Sound


Items we hope to purchase not in original budget.
 Dome $ 1,000.00
UPDATE: Bryan and Tom have purchased a 30 foot dome and will be providing it for the enjoyment of The Mudskipper Cafe. Additionally, Brian is bringing and setting up his sound system in the dome for a daily afternoon tea root beer float dance during the root beer service from 2pm to 4pm/5pm (depending).

Here is the full compliment of what Bryan and Tom will be providing for the camp:

31’x11′ dome
Sound system (two subs and two full range)
4000 watt generator (to power lights and sound)
700w black light
Green light laser
Some fabric for the dome’s interior
Some rope light
10 gallons of gas
2 roller tron (lighting)
2 fog machines

This is going to be AWESOME!
We need a few generous camp mates that might be able to chip in to help us reach our budget goals, which is why we have included the form below.