Shift Descriptions

Cafe Host 
Greets visitors at the front entrance and seats them at available tables or calls waiting visitors to seat them when a table becomes available.

Cafe Barker
Stands on the street with a Bull Horn inviting people in for Smoothies.

Cafe Shift Lead
Works with cafe staff to coordinate all logistics including setup, helping where needed, ensuring cleanup is completed by closing shift (blenders/utensils cleaned & put away, tables wiped down, waste water disposed of, etc.) and tending to any miscellaneous tasks. THERE IS A MANDATORY ORIENTATION ON MONDAY FOR SHIFT LEADS AT 10AM. MIMOSAS WILL BE SERVED.

Cafe Blender
Operates one of the blenders (makes the smoothies).

Cafe Waiter
Takes orders, delivers orders to the Blenders, and serves smoothie when ready.