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      Hey Skips

      I can’t believe we are going to be leaving for the playa in just a few short weeks. This year has just flown by!!! I have to tell you what an incredible team we have this year, we are doing more events than ever and we have doubled our infrastructure, we have new showers, and we have also added a new back street interactivity section.

      That being said there are a few really important things you need to be aware:

      1. It is very important that you respond ASAP to any phone calls, texts, or emails from any of the organizers.
      2. CAMP LAYOUT: Later on this week I will be sending out our finalized layout that we have been diligently working on this year. Basically, it will tell you where you are camping in our space and how much space you were allotted based on your answers from the Survey that was sent out several times.
        1. We are trying something new because space is so limited, everyone will be allotted a pre-mapped out space based on the Survey that was sent out throughout the year.
        2. Please be respectful of space this year, it is tight, make sure you double check your space and make sure you will be able to fit into it.
        3. Those of you that did not fill out the survey that was sent will be placed in a large area and we are hoping you will fit, basically, you will need to make sure your tent or living space is no bigger than 10×15 give or take 5 feet.
          1. There were only 3 of you that didn’t fill out the survey and were not listed on anyone else’s survey, the three of you will be listed together on the map.
      3. PARKING: Because space is tight, Cars not being used for borders will have to park off of our camp site, there is an official burning man parking lot on the very last street at the end of the avenue.
        a. Please unload your cars, get set up and then park your car on the back street unless yours was designated as a boundary setter on the map
      4. ORGANIZERS: It is very important that you respnd ASAP to any phone calls, texts, or emails from any of the organizers, they are listed below. We have so much to do in such a very small abmount of time, and like you, we all have jobs, and we are tyring to pack and prepare our own stuff as well, not just the camps. So please be prompt. Your organizer’s are listed here:
        1. XOXO: Camp Co-Founder and Head Lead this year (overseeing just about everything)
        2. Kelly Kidd: Co-Founder and 2nd Lead, in charge of Décor, Façade, Fabric
        3. ElderBerry: Web Designer and Master, and Head of the Food Plan and Kitchen
        4. Pumkin: In Charge or Orientations, Early Arrival Crew, Tickets, and Car Passes
        5. Jason Lee & Diego: In Charge of the Showers and Evapatron
        6. Impact: In Charge of Showers, Scaffolding, Bike Racks, Craft Lounge, Disco Inferno Party
        7. Captain Who: In Charge of running the Café, and Disco Inferno Party, and shift sign-ups
        8. Maruricio: In charge of Crack Is Whack Party, Play B Party, Moose Knuckle CamelToe Fashion Show Party
        9. Roger & GusGus: In charge of all Electrical and Back Street Structures/Activities
        10. 3D: In charge of Photography Studio
        11. Caden & Anton: In charge of the Beauty Bar and Nail Salon
        12. LIPS: Our Right Hand Man
        13. Derek: The Kitchen 2nd Lead

      That’s it for now:  more info coming very soon.

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