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      Captain Who

      Hello you gorgeous Mudskippers! I’m sure by now you’ve all seen John’s post on the FB page about submitting to placement and the looooooong wait ahead of us to see if and where we get placement. For you new folks, this is normal every year. Many camps want to be placed in the 7:30 sector because it’s the most vibrant and exciting so have a lot of competition. We also have a lot of events, workshops, and parties. All of this helps. MOOPing in the past has also helped. People know us for our smoothies and our Whitney party so I really try not to stress about not getting placed in 7:30.

      That said, sometimes Placement changes things up a bit! Last year, instead of making 7:30 the “gayborhood” they created a “Rainbow Road” for gay camps to stretch across several sectors. We still got killer placement in 7:30 smack in the middle of the gay camps. The important thing to remember is that no matter where we are, we have a presence and people will come to us. Wherever we end up, we will be together and we will kill it. It’s what we do and it’s why our camp is in good graces with the Playa gods.

      If you have not yet done your Orientation, I’ve got news for you. You’re not getting any younger so let’s wrap that up. Once that’s done you can sign up for shifts, pay, etc.

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