Pot Luck Dinner Team


Team Leaders: HomeGirl & Bindibopadopoulos

The Pot Luck Dinner Team is going to organize our 2 Mudskipper Pot Luck Dinners and make sure there is enough food and drink to be brought and shared by all. There will be 2 Dinners, one on Wednesday and one on Sunday night before the Temple Burn. All Mudskippers are welcome to attend even if they are not bringing a dish or beverage.


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Cafe Shift

My dear burners,

I’m your one and only homegirl. This is my second burn. This year I will be your team leader for the potluck dinners. I’m stoked to get back home and to have two of my good friends joining me this year. My good girl Manny (aka bindibopadopoulos) will be joining us, all the way from Deutschland, also as a team leader for the potluck dinners. We both promise to rock it out and keep your bellies happy on potluck dinner nights, together with our little kitchen bitches. Please make sure you join us for the potluck dinners! My other friend Robert (Dirty DOC, that’s right, a real MD) will also be joining us this year, from LA. He is one little special fellow. 🙂 I’m so excited to reconnect with you all once again, this time at HOME.

Many kisses and hugs from your one and only,


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Cafe Shift

Well I guess Homie gave a bit of an intro already… Name is Manny, I’ve been living in Germany for the past year or so, but I’m originally from Manitoba, Canada, so instead of a Eurotrash flavour, I’ll be bringing an overly-polite, yet rowdy-fun vibe to the camp. I love cooking and food in general, and am at my best taking care of a large group of people, so I’ll be helping to run the potluck dinners. Already got some great ideas and you guys definitely won’t be disappointed! BTW, I’m a BM virgin, and I’ve been wanting to take part since I was 16… can’t wait to get there and meet you all!!

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